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Simple plastic throw-away hand wrappers. Others with built-in handle suitable for 4 different roll diameters and different widths. Automatic and semi-automatic turntable pallet wrappers with 3 or 4 programmes, soft start/soft stop, photocell or limit switch pallet height sensor, mechanical brake or motorised pre-stretcher, top platten for stabilising light cartons, open turntable for pallet jack loading and unloading. Capacities to 2000kg and pallet heights to 2.5 metres.

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See Little Robbie, the  pallet wrapping robot, in action.

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Venus Pallet Wrappers

In brief...

* HAND PALLET WRAPPERS. Built-in handle. Plastic throw-away *GAS FIRED GUNS for shrinking LDPE pallet hoods *TURNTABLE PALLET WRAPPERS. Automatic. Semi automatic. Height sensor, limit switch or photocell *Mechanical brake *Motorised pre-stretcher, soft start/soft stop *Top stabilising platten

Also available

Pallet stretch film and netting.

Venus Pallet Stretch Film and Netting

Stretch pallet film and bundling film, knitted and laminated pallet netting, shrink hoods and elastic pallet bands.

Warehouse equipment.

Venus Warehouse Equipment

Hand trucks and trolleys,  extension, platform and step ladders, lift-a-tables, pallet jacks and pallet stackers.

Venus Carton sealers

Venus Carton Sealers

Side, top and bottom belt. Uniform. Random. Erectors, pushers, infeeders, conveyors, printers, coder markers.

Hotmelt glue guns, click here

Venus  Hotmelt Glues and Guns

Do-it-yourself, industrial, portable gas fired, spray, bulk applicator. EVA, polyamide and rubber based glues.


Handy Tips

Power Stretch silage film
Which is the toughest silage film?

Silage film has to cope with some pretty rough treatment ... More

Venus Hot Melt Glues
Everything you wanted to know

Venus Hot Melt Glues are made from 100% solid adhesive ... More

Totalcover netwrap
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What's New?

Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper
Venus M1750 Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Fully automatic with 300% power pre-stretch ... More

Venus M1580-2 Pallet Wrapper
Venus M1580-2 Pallet Wrapper

Automatic and manual operation. Simple to operate, affordable ... More

VH209ALMkIII carton sealer
Venus Low profile carton sealer

Uniform, side belt carton sealer for cartons as low as 75mm ... More

Totalcover Gold netwrap
Totalcover Gold Netwrap

New, tougher 11gm netwrap with increased tensile ... More

Totalcover netwrap with handles
Totalcover Netwrap with Handles

All new stock of Totalcover netwrap now comes with adjustable ... More

Venus m1660aw Palet Wrapper
Venus M1660AW automatic Pallet Wrapper

Weigh as you wrap. The Venus M1660AW has 3 auto ... More

VS4055 and P4055 L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel
Venus VS4055 L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel

VenusUni VS4055 with magnetic hold-down and VenusUni ... More

Venus Extra Blue Big Bale Twine
Venus Extra Blue Big Bale Twine

Venus Extra Blue Big Bale twine is now even stronger and ... More

Venhart VH334 Sealess Strapper
Venhart VH334 Sealess Steel Strapper

No need for seals with the Venhart VH334 Sealess Steel ... More

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