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Last updated January 15, 2015

Venus Carton Sealers

Carton Sealers

Side belt and top and bottom belt Venus carton sealing machines for uniform and random sized cartons. Also carton erectors, carton pushers, auto carton infeeders, motorised and extensible conveyors, ink jet printers and coder carton markers. Everything for a complete packaging line.

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Venus VH209 MkIII Carton Sealers

VH209 MkIII Series

Removable infeed and outfeed roller extensions are standard on this heavy duty sealer. Closely spaced rollers ensure steady and stable travel of small cartons while 4 special "press" rollers guide heavy cartons smoothly through the machine. The tape head height and drive belt spacing are quickly adjustable to suit the carton size. The drive belt tension is also easily adjustable. Simple press button controls. Adjustable height legs. Lockable castoring wheels. Speed: 23 metres per minute. Tape widths: 38mm, 50mm and 75mm. Power supply: 240v single phase.

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Pictured left:
VH209AL MkIII. Specially designed for low cartons. Uniform size, side belt.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH): 120mm x 90mm x 75mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH): Unlimited x 500mm x 450mm.

Venus VH209A MkIII Carton Sealer

Uniform size, side belt.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
120mm x 110mm x 120mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
Unlimited x 500mm x 500mm.

Venus VH209TBA MkIII Carton Sealer

Uniform size, side belt.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
120mm x 150mm x 120mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
Unlimited x 500mm x 500mm.

Other Carton Sealers

Venus VH209E Carton Sealer

Features two direct shaft drive motors: one for each belt. Complete with large fore and aft roller bed extensions and lockable castor wheels.
Uniform size, side belt.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
150mm x 100mm x 100mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
Unlimited x 500mm x 450mm.

Venus VH210A Carton Sealer

VH210A - Random size
The side belt drives and top sealing head automatically adjust to the carton size.
Random size, side belt. Emergency stop button. Air supply: 101.5 psi max.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
Unlimited x 100mm x 100mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
Unlimited x 500mm x 500mm.

Venus VH212SB Carton Sealer

VH212SB - Flap closer
Simply set the side belt drives and tape head to the carton size and the machine does the rest. Air supply: 101.5psi max.
Uniform size, side belt with flap closer.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
100mm x 150mm x 100mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
600mm x 500mm x 600mm*.
(* Standard 500mm height is increased to 600mm by repositioning the guide columns).

Venus VH212SBK Carton Sealer

VH212SB-K - Flap closer
Simultaneously closes and tapes up to 15 cartons per minute. Air supply 5-6 kgs F/cm2. The table height is adjustable from 500mm to 900mm.
Uniform size, side belt with flap closer.
Carton size minimum (LxWxH):
200mm x 120mm x 120mm.
Carton size maximum (LxWxH):
600mm x 545mm x 700mm.

Carton Sealing Accessories

Venus VH64 Carton Erector

VH64 Carton Erector
Pneumatic operation closes bottom flaps. Cartons are ready to fill in seconds. No power required. Carton sizes: from 200mm to 640mm long x 140mm to 500mm wide. Air supply: 80psi (6 bar).

Venus VH45 Auto Carton Erector

VH45 Auto Carton Erector
Automatically closes the bottom flaps and holds the carton while the operator fills it. Important with unstable cartons, lightweight items and heavy or fragile products that require two handed loading. When filled, the carton is automatically sent to the carton sealer. Output: up to 13 per minute. Minimum carton size 200mm x 150mm x 120mm high; maximum 650mm x 450mm x 500mm high. Machine size 690mm wide x 1210mm long (extending to 1760mm). Table height 650mm.

Venus P90 Pusher

P90 Pusher
This motorised pusher with pneumatically operated pusher bar re-directs cartons by 90 degrees. Adjustable to push left or right. Table height is also adjustable from 520mm to 750mm using an Allen key.

Venus VHAL500 Auto Infeeder

VHAL500 Auto Infeeder
Indispensable when several filling lines converge on the one carton sealer. The operator is free to attend to other duties while the Auto Infeeder feeds cartons to the sealer. Suitable for carton widths from 100mm to 500mm.

Venus VHM500 Motorised Conveyor

VHM-500 Motorised Conveyor
Designed to carry products through packing stations automatically. The ideal partner for Venus carton sealers. Simply plugs into any standard 240v outlet. Height adjustable from 530mm to 740mm using an Allen key.

Venus Extensible Wheel Conveyor

Extensible Wheel Conveyor
Multi-purpose conveyors that allow cartons to be transported along straight and curved lines of variable radius - maximum 180 left or right. 500mm wide with steel skate rollers and height adjustable legs with lockable castoring wheels. VH4300 Length: min. 1450mm, max. 4360mm. VH5000 Length: min. 1500mm, max. 5000mm. VH5300 Length: min. 1750mm, max. 5300mm.

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