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Last updated October 17, 2014

Venus Heat Sealers

... naturally the biggest in carton sealing

Side, top and bottom belt carton sealers for uniform and random sized cartons. Also carton erectors, pushers, infeeders, conveyors, printers and coder markers. Self adhesive tapes including cellulose, PP, PVC, water activated, cloth, decorative, double-sided, foam, foil, hook and loop. Pistol grip, benchtop, measured length, double-sided and stationery dispensers. Also bag neck sealers and dispensers for roll paper and bubble pack. Manual and air operated hand staplers, foot operated box bottomers. Do-it-yourself and industrial hotmelt glue guns and glues.

Venus Carton Sealers

Carton Sealers

Side belt and top and bottom belt Venus carton sealing machines for uniform and random sized cartons. Also carton erectors, carton pushers, auto carton infeeders, motorised and extensible conveyors, ink jet printers and coder carton markers. Everything for a complete packaging line. See the full range of Carton Sealers ...

Venhart Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

Hand dispensers for carton sealing, bundling and strapping pallets. Bench dispensers for office desks and drawing boards - and for printers, art studios and advertising offices. Bag neck sealers for produce packing and closing polythene bags and extruded polythene netting. Dispensers for label protection. See the full range of Tape Dispensers ...

Venhart Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Packaging, stationery and special purpose tapes including cellulose, PP, cloth, double sided, water activated, tissue, foam, mending, paper, PVC, plasticised electrical and ducting tapes, adhesive pads, hook and loop tape and strip adhesive. Printing to order to 4 colours, including fluoro coating. Also water based and vegetable glue. See the full range of Adhesive Tapes ...

Venhart Carton staplers

Carton staplers

Hand operated and air assisted carton staplers, roll staplers, foot operated box bottomers and air tackers for tacking plywood in the furniture industry and tacking labels to packing crates. Also Carton staples, roll staples and tacker staples.

Venus VH56 Glue Gun

Hotmelt Guns and Glues

Hotmelt glue guns and glues for every application from hobbies and crafts to heavy industrial. From the safer low temperature models for hobbies, crafts and do-it-yourself tasks to portable gas fired, light industrial, heavy duty industrial and spray glue guns. Also peelable adhesive and bulk applicator systems. Glues for product assembly, carton sealing, packaging and difficult surfaces such as polystyrene.

What's New?

Zapstrapper VH92 and VH96
Zapstrapper VH92 and VH96

New Zapstrapper tensions, friction seals and cuts PP and PET strap... More

Venhart Banding Machine VH360P/F
Banding Machine VH360P/F

Film and paper banding - one machine does it all... More

Venhart Strapping Machine VHAE5/6C
Strapping Machine VHAE5/6C

The VHAE5/6C applies strapping at up to 50 straps per minute... More

Economical Venus VS76
VS76 Economical Shrink System

Seal only or seal and shrink PP, PVC and polyolefin films... More

Venus Audion Magneta Heat Sealers
Audion Magneta 521 and 721 Heat Sealers

Big 720mm and 520mm seal lengths. Hand or foot pedal operation... More

Venus Electric Pallet Trucks
Electric Pallet

Controls and safety cut-off sensor are in the handle. Capacity: 1360kg... More

Handy Tips

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Vacuum Sealers Fact Sheet

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Vacuum Chambers Fact Sheet

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Power Stretch silage film
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Silage film has to cope with some pretty rough treatment. While its main ... More

Venus Hot Melt Glues
Everything you wanted to know

Venus Hot Melt Glues are made from 100% solid adhesive ... More

Totalcover netwrap
Netwrap: How many wraps is enough?

The cost of the netwrap to make a round bale is a very small ... More