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Last updated February 24, 2015

Venus Heat Sealers

... naturally the biggest in heat sealing

Venus has more than 100 models for heat sealing PE, PP, PVC and polyolefin bags and tubing including benchtop, hand held, foot operated, wall mounted and pedestal models - impulse and steady state and seal lengths from 100mm to 1950mm.

We also have special types for heat sealing polyamide, cellulose, foil laminates and sterilisation bags. For our complete range of heat sealers download the Venus Heat Sealing Product Guide (right).

Benchtop Heat Sealers

Benchtop Heat Sealers

From the popular VHIB made by the originators of the "scissors" bench sealer configuration to the VHIB III with lower power consumption to the latest and lowest priced VHIB IV. Choose from 100mm to 1000mm sealing lengths. Also Cling Film Dispensers, Laminating Machines and other special purpose benchtop heat sealers. See the full Benchtop range ...

Venus Audion Magneta and Magneta Motor

Audion Magneta/Magneta Motor

A gentle touch with fingertips or foot pedal closes the electrically powered jaws. Then the powerful magnetic hold-down keeps the jaws closed while the sealing bar delivers the precise amount of heat needed for a strong and consistent seal every time. Seals polythene, polyropylene and laminate bags and tubing up to 2 x 250um. Sealing lengths from 300mm to 1020mm. See the full Magneta range ...

Venus Pedestal Heat Sealers

Pedestal Heat Sealers

Venus VHIF impulse sealers for sealing polythene and polypropylene bags. Seal lengths from 300mm to 900mm. Seal widths 2mm to 8mm. Seal thickness up to 2 x 400 microns. Venus VHS constant heat sealers for sealing polypropylene, cellophane, foil laminate bags and tubing. Seal lengths from 200mm to 400mm. Seal widths 2mm to 15m. Seal thickness up to 2 x 550 microns. See the full Pedestal Heat Sealer range...

Hand Held Heat Sealers

Venus Audion Hand Held Heat Sealers Audion Hand Held Heat Sealers

Venus Audion Super Poly and Super Cello plier action heat sealers allow freedom of movement around the job. Audion Super Poly seals polythene and laminates up to 2 x 250um thick. Audion Super Cello seals cellulose, heavy film, laminates, coated foils and wax coated papers up to 2 x 100um thick. See the full Hand Held range ...

Pronto Wall Mounted Heat Sealers

Venus Wall Mounted Heat Sealers Wall Mounted Heat Sealers

Venus Audion Pronto's ingeniously designed jaw mechanism allows the bag to be held upright with both hands. Seals polythene and polypropylene bags up to 2 x 200um thick. Seal lengths 255mm and 420mm. Also Venus Shop Sealers suitable for sandwich bars, pharmacies, confectioners and hardware stores. See the full Wall Mounted Heat Sealer range ...

Automatic Heat Sealers

Venus Automatic Heat Sealers Automatic Heat Sealers

Bench mounted and pedestal style heat sealers that create a 2mm, 5mm, 8mm or 10mm wide seal on polythene and polypropylene bags up to 2 x 450um thick. All feature automatic electronic foot switch operation, timer and cool-down cycle. See the full Automatic Heat Sealer range ...

Venus Band Sealers

Venus Band Sealers Band Sealers

Band sealing machines seal polythene, polypropylene, PVC, laminate aluminium-film, and paper-poly coated plastic bags - a continuous packaging line in one compact machine that seals the tops of the bagged products as they travel along a conveyor.

Venus Bag Making and Sealing

Venus Bag Making and Sealing Bag Making and Sealing

Machines for making plastic bags and form-fill machines for making bags and sealing them after they are filled.

Venus Thermo Sealers

Venus Thermo Sealers Thermo Sealers

Thermo sealing retains freshness, weight and visual appeal and provides an hygienic, leak-proof, seal even if oil is present between the lid and tray. Paper/film lidding is suitable for printing.

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