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Last updated February 24, 2015

Australia's biggest range
of packaging machines
and materials

See any Venus packaging machine demonstrated in our huge showroom - anytime. Australia's biggest range of packaging machines, hand tools and materials always in stock.

  • Venus Heat Sealers

    Heat Sealers

    More than 100 models for heat sealing PE, PP, PVC and polyolefin bags and tubing. Special types for heat sealing polyamide, cellulose, foil laminates and sterilisation bags. Seal lengths from 100mm to 1950mm.

  • Venus Shrink Systems

    Shrink Systems

    Venusuni hooded systems with manual and magnetic hold-down. Benchtop and console L-bar sealers, shrink tunnels and sealer-tunnel combinations. Skin packers and roller die cutters. Laminating machines, Shrink-a-pack and hot air shrink guns.

  • Venus Bags and Films

    Bags and Films

    Polythene, polyolefin and polypropylene shrink film. Skin pack film, cling film, bundling film, pallet stretch film and pallet shrink hoods. Book covering film and metallized gift-wrap. Magic Seal resealable bags, barrier bags, carry and singlet bags, garbage bags, garment bags, laminating pouches, produce bags, rollbags, wicketted bags and pe tubing.

  • Venus Netting, Stapling, Clipping

    Netting, Stapling and Clipping

    Bunch sealed bags, citrus bags, tubular rolls and sleeves, ham netting, oyster bags, fishing net, mussel tubing, protective netting, drum liners and pallet netting. Safety fencing, plant support net and Totalcover netwrap. Hand net clippers, clipping machines, box bottomers carton staplers and staples.

  • Venus Pallet Wrappers

    Pallet Wrappers

    Automatic and semi-automatic turntable pallet wrappers with 3 or 4 programmes, soft start/soft stop, photocell or limit switch pallet height sensor, mechanical brake or motorised pre-stretcher, top platten for stabilising light cartons, open turntable for pallet jack loading and unloading. Capacities to 2000kg and pallet heights to 2.5 metres.

  • Venus Carton Sealers and Glue Guns

    Carton Sealers and Glue Guns

    Side belt and top and bottom belt Venus carton sealing machines for uniform and random sized cartons. Also carton erectors, carton pushers, auto carton infeeders, motorised and extensible conveyors, ink jet printers and coder carton markers, hotmelt glue guns and glues. Everything for a complete packaging line.

  • Venhart Tapes and Dispensers

    Tapes and Dispensers

    Bench, bundling, double-sided, measured length, pistol grip, tear drop and stationery dispensers. Bag neck sealers, roll paper and bubble pack dispensers. Cellulose, cloth, PP, foam, foil, double-sided, water activated and hook and loop tape. PVC electrical and ducting tape. Gluers, gummers and moisteners. Label dispensers, labellers, labels, highlighting and memo tapes. Ventaggers and tagging pins.

  • Venus Strapping Machines

    Strapping Machines

    Automatic arch and console strapping machines. Polypropylene, polyester, steel and stainless steel strapping. Crimpers, combination tensioner-crimpers, feedwheel tensioners, zapstrapper friction strappers, pneumatic strappers, seal-less tool, spinnox tool, steel strapping shears, roll holders. PP and steel buckles, corner protectors, seals for PP and steel strap.

  • Venhart Ropes and Rubber Bands

    Ropes and Rubber Bands

    Nylon, PP, PE and Manila ropes. Nylon blind cord, cotton sash cord, ski rope and polyester yacht rope. Banana twine, tomato twine, tying twine, green garden jute, shop twine and stationery twine. Venhart rubber bands, cable ties, garden ties, wire bag ties, security ties, twist ties and twist tying machines.

  • Venus Baler Twine and Totalcover Netwrap

    Fodder Conservation Products

    Venus polypropylene big square bale twines, round bale twines and small square bale twines. Cardinal sisal silage twine, sisal binder twine and sisal baler twines. Totalcover netwrap, PowerStretch silage stretch film and Venus silage pit covers.

  • Venus Warehouse Equipment

    Warehouse Equipment

    Anti-slip tape, barricade tape, extension ladders, hand carts, lift-a-tables, palletised cages, pallet jacks, pallet stackers, safety fencing, step ladders, trolleys.

  • Venus Cutters and Venhart Markers

    Cutters and markers

    Utility knives with spare blades, Vencutters with snap blades, carton openers, handicraft cutters, paint scrapers, marking pens (spirit based), whiteboard markers, twin markers, pencils, pens (fine ballpoint).

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