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Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper

Fully automatic with 300% power pre-stretch. Load capacity 2000kg.

The touch screen control panel allows you to customise the number of top and bottom wraps within 3 pre-set automatic wrapping Modes (programs). This is a real time saver when the job calls for changed settings. Simply select the appropriate Mode and keep working.

In Manual Mode the M1750 lets you adjust the tension, the film carriage speed and turntable speed even while the wrapping continues.

Cutting the film off and tying it to the next pallet can amount to considerable downtime during the course of a day’s pallet wrapping. Not with the M1750. This machine does it for you.

Another time and money saving feature is the power pre-stretcher. It saves film by stretching it to up to 4 times its original length, without necking, while applying exactly the right tension.

3 Automatic Modes

Mode A. Bottom Wraps First

The bottom wraps are applied at cycle start then the film carriage rises to the top. The top wraps are applied. The carriage lowers to the bottom. The film is clamped and cut.

Mode B. Top Wraps First

The film carriage rises to the top at cycle start. Tops wraps are applied then the carriage lowers to the bottom. The bottom wraps are applied.  The film is clamped and cut.

Mode C. Top Wraps First - Slow

The film carriage rises slowly to help hold loose loads. The top wraps are applied. Then the carriage lowers slowly to the bottom. The film is clamped and cut.

Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper control panel Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper pre-stretcher

Touch screen control

At your fingertips - simple menus for entering program settings, activating and monitoring the wrapping process and “Help” files give you total on-the-spot control.

Power Pre-stretcher

The power pre-stretcher with its own ½ horsepower motor pre-stretches one metre of film to 4 metres.

Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper automatic film start Venus M1750 Pallet Wrapper automatic film cut-off

Automatic film start

No need to tie the film to the pallet. Pneumatically powered fingers grip the film for the first wrap.

Automatic film cutting

No need to cut the film after wrapping. The pneumatically powered hot wire film cutter does it for you.


Machine height  
Pallet heights max.
Turntable diameter
Turntable speed max.   
Load weight max.
Film roll width
Film roll outer diam.
Film roll inner diam.
Pallet width x length max.
1200mm x 1200mm
Power supply
240v single phase

More Features

* Turntable soft start and stop.
* Turntable automatically returns to home position.
* Fork lift slots for easy re-location.
* Photo electric eye detects pallet height.
* Control panel rotates 180 degrees; allows operation from either side.


* Increased pallet height: 2500mm
* Loading ramp: 1160mm x 1000mm
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