Which is the toughest silage film?

Monday March 15, 2010

Silage film has to cope with some pretty rough treatment. While its main purpose is to provide optimum fermentation by keeping the air, light and water out, first it has to survive wrapping, handling and stacking.

If it fails that test whatever other qualities it has mean very little. So toughness - resistance to puncture, tearing and breaking; and correct tackiness to ensure a strong air-tight seal – have to be the main considerations.

Power Stretch silage film
Wrapping silage film with PowerStretch during product testing in Gippsland, Victoria.

That’s why when evaluating products to replace our earlier generations of silage films we put toughness, tackiness and UV resistance at the top of the check list and PowerStretch was the easy winner.

When it comes to its tear resistance (transverse direction) PowerStretch is more than twice as tough as the Swedish National Testing Institute minimum standard.  And its capacity to withstand dynamic impact force - that is, its puncture resistance - is 70% higher than standard films as illustrated in the chart below.

Breaking strength is higher too, in fact 35% higher than standard films and tackiness is carefuly controlled during manufacture to ensure instant adhesion and a strong air-tight seal with minimal tails.

More than twice the tear resistance means minimum risk of breaks on high speed balers due to abrupt starts or stress at the corners of square bales. 70% higher puncture resistance minimises the risk of perforations from hard stiff crops and damage during handling, stacking and storage. And 35% higher breaking strength guarantees optimum performance thoughout every roll. No down-time getting out of the tractor to re-attach broken film means more bales wrapped per hour, increased output and therefore profit.

PowerStretch owes its toughness to its uniform thickness made possible by the latest multi-layer construction techniques and highest quality octene polymers. This also gives it excellent uniform opacity.

The final result is a tough, compact bale that is highly impermeable to light, air and water for optimal fermentation.

PowerStretch is UV stabilised for 12 months and available in 5 layer green and 3 layer black. Both are 25 microns thick in rolls 750mm wide by 1500 metres.

Power Stretch silage film
High puncture resistance means minimum risk from hard, stiff crops.
Power Stretch Silage Film Specifications

For more information speak to Venus baling products specialists, Phil Pomeroy, Ian Duff or Wayne Shearer on (03) 9428 1652.

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