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4 Pro Pallet Wrapping Tips For Boosting Warehouse Efficiency

At Venus Packaging, we think that it’s really important for businesses to have a complete understanding of the life of their products. Whether you’re running a high street restaurant and packing ingredients into walk in fridges, or you’re unloading and reloading bulk orders in a distribution centre; you’ve got know how to move your profits both safely and efficiently.

This is no mean feat if you’re managing a warehouse that handles hundreds, even thousands of product pallets every day. Without a clear and logical system in place, things get lost, damaged, or end up in the wrong place. So, for maximum efficiency, your guys on the ground need to know exactly what to do to get orders out exactly how the customer wants them.

We have put together this useful guide to boosting warehouse efficiency with clever pallet wrapping tips and tricks. Let us help you work smarter, not harder.

Make It Easy to Access Wrapping Tools

Your pallet wrappers shouldn’t have to wander across the warehouse to find scissors, rolls of wrap, box knives, or tape dispensers. Set up small stations close to the wrapping area and have somebody refill them at the end of the night or first thing in the morning. The more time that is spent away from the pallets, the less you’ll get done, so keep the warehouse moving at a reasonable speed by making the right resources available. Visit our website to check out some of the wrapping accessories and shrink wrap on offer.  

Always Keep Standards High

The key to reaching maximum efficiency on a warehouse line is consistency. While it might feel like cutting corners will gain you time, the truth is that it often ends up taking longer to do things in the wrong way. Make an effort to keep wrapping and loading standards high, because not only will it fortify the reputation of the company, it gives employees a clear, unambiguous process to follow every single time.

Think About Investing in Automation

We understand that not every warehouse has the budget for automated wrapping machines or even has a desperate need them – smaller businesses can often get by very well with hand wrappers only. However, they are the easiest way to double your turnover. You can load, wrap, and send out twice as many pallets with a machine as you can manual workers. So, it is worth considering as an investment in your future. We have a wide selection of wrapping machines on offer; click here to take a look at them.

Be Smart About Product Arrangement

Efficient packing and loading start well before a pallet gets to the wrapping bays. It begins with the products on the shelves and their arrangement. Don’t automatically ‘break down’ bulk orders that come into the warehouse; not if they are regularly sent back out again in amounts that are just as large. For instance, you might need to send out a bulk load of mouse mats. They get delivered on pallets of 200 and a customer wants 225 individual pieces. In this scenario, you could save time by sending one whole pallet directly to the wrapping bay and manually pick only the remaining 25.

Why Wrapping and Packing It Right Does Matter

We have spent many years working closely with distribution industries and one thing that we’ve learned is that it pays to get things right first time. It is worth making the effort to put together a seamless loading and wrapping strategy. It is worth investing in high-quality equipment that can be relied upon to stay sturdy, even after the hundredth pallet of the day.  

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