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Posted: 26/11/2020

How A Vacuum Chamber Can Take Your Produce Business to The Next Level

For decades vacuum sealing food using a vacuum chamber has meant that all types of fresh produce businesses have been able to safely store, use, or sell their fresh foods for longer. Essentially, vacuum sealing food prolongs it’s shelf life.

 What food can I seal in a vacuum chamber?

The most popular foods that are vacuum sealed these days are hard cheese, poultry, small goods, liquid products such as soups and curries, fish, red meat, breads and wraps, and ready-made foods such as pizza and lasagne. Vacuum sealing is also extensively used in food preparation settings such as food processors and back of house in restaurants. This allows the purchase and storing of bulk food, and that saves money!

Are there any foods that should not be sealed in a vacuum chamber?

Most foods can be placed in a vacuum bag and sealed in a vacuum sealer. However, it pays to consider how ‘fragile’ your fresh produce is. For example, vacuum sealing potato chips, biscuits or meringues, would result in your product being crushed. And other foods such as soft cheeses, bananas and mushrooms don’t benefit, in terms of their shelf life, from being vacuum packed.

Are there other benefits other than increased shelf life of vacuum sealing my fresh produce?

Professional presentation of your food to your customers is another big advantage of vacuum sealing. Fresh produce that has been properly vacuum packed is attractive to prospective customers. There are two reasons for this, one, they feel it will last longer (which it will) than if it was sitting in a delicatessen window; and secondly, the presentation itself makes that food look fresh, attractive and unhandled, when it is already vacuumed packed by the time the customer comes to buy it.

Will using a vacuum chamber actually save my business money?

Vacuum sealing fresh produce results in less spoiled food, less damaged stock, and offers an increased shelf life, which all save a business money. And equally as important, vacuum sealing product in advance of it’s sale can save you time. And as we know time in money!

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