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Anti-Slip Tape / Hook & Loop Tapes

We have a range of Anti-Slip Tapes with sandgrit surface with acrylic solvent adhesive. Our Anti-slip tape is suitable for applications such as industrial & commercial sites, stairs, wet factory floors and in other for other preventative & safety-related applications. Anti-slip tape can be applied to inclines in your workplace to help provide traction. It can be used on ladders, steps, raised walkways and other surfaces to improve foot grip and safety. Rolls of anti-slip tape available in fine, medium & heavy grades

Our hook and loop fastners are available separately, in black and white, and come in 25 metre rolls.

  • Hook & Loop Tape - PF24

    Premium Product

    Self-adhesive hook and loop tape. Hook tape rolls and loop tape rolls sold separately. Available in black and white. 25mm x 25m rolls.
  • VH27G Anti-Slip Tape

    Premium Product

    Our anti-slip tape is used widely in industrial & commercial set ups, such as on stairs, wet factory floors and in other preventative/safety related applications. Available in fine, medium & heavy grades. Colours: black, white, red, blue, yellow & green.
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