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Definite Length Tape Dispensers

  • Definite Length Tape Dispenser VH2008A

    Premium Product

    • Takes 25mm width self-adhesive tape
    • Offers up to 120mm dispensing length
    • Easily adjustable length
    • All plastic body
  • Definite Length Tape Dispenser VHBAM75

    Premium Product

    The VHBAM75 dispenses 26 pre-set lengths of self adhesive tape from 5cm to 130cm. The "Repeater" button continuously dispenses the pre-set length. The"Free Length" button dispenses tape until released, minimum length 5cm. Power for the motor and control circuits is reduced to 24v for safety.
    • Uses tape rolls I5mm to 75mm wide x 70mm innner diametre
    • Weight : 6kg.
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