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Fodder - Totalcover Netwrap

  • Totalcover Netwrap

    Premium Product

    Select from a range of sizes and strengths to suit your application. Download our sizing chart for detailed information. Totalcover 12gm has a break force of 290kg. Totalcover12.7gm (1.30m) break force is 300kg.
    • Covers right to the edge and over.
    • Makes beautifully formed bales.
    • Trouble-free performance, bale after bale
    • Now even stronger for safe, secure handling and transportation.
    • Made from knitted UV stabilised HDPE.
    • Rolls come with strong webbing handles.
    • 50 metre end of roll warning.
  • Totalcover Double Chain

    Premium Product

    Totalcover Double Chain comes in 9.5gm and 11gms per linear metre. It is proven to be 8% stronger than single chain netwrap but costs about 9% less per metre.

  • Totalcover Gold Premium Economy Netwrap

    Premium Product

    Totalcover Gold 11 gram has a break force of 270kg. Totalcover Gold 11.5 gram (1.30m width roll) has break force of 280kg.
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